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Sweet or savory, we love this traditional Slovenian “štruklji” place. The selection is big and fresh every day and if you don’t fall in love with štruklji, they also do some hearty Slovenian meat or veggie dishes and salads. Budget friendly.

My Dumplings Of Slovenia

Food scene

This small and cozy place is our go-to place for breakfast in Ljubljana; either sitting out next to the river or in the fun interior. Our favorite is eggs Benedict with pulled beef but you can’t really go wrong here. Due to how small the place is, it almost always has a waiting line.

EK bistro

Food scene

Another brunch place we like to stop by! Bigger than EK bistro, so easier to get a table. Eggs Benedict are a classic favorite, although the Royal bagel with poached egg is our personal favorite - we know USA has different standards for their bagels though, so careful if you’re from there 😉

Le petit Cafe

Food scene

Slovenska hiša, which translates as "Slovenian house," offers a taste of Slovenia with its limited yet quintessentially Slovenian breakfast menu. While the service may vary, if you're looking for a place to enjoy a hearty and genuine Slovenian breakfast, Slovenska hiša is worth a visit.

Slovenska Hiša

Food scene

This cozy restaurant offers traditional Slovenian dishes. Although on the pricier side, it's well worth it for the authentic local dishes like goulash and homemade sausages. 

Slovenska hiša - Figovec

Food scene

This place - just across the street - offers vegetarian and vegan Slovenian cuisine, focusing on dishes from the Prekmurje region (north). The dessert “Prekmurska gibanica” is one of our favorites. The experience with the staff is a hit-and-miss.


Food scene

We fell in love with their new take on pizza, which is a sort of fluffy sourdough pizza. Our favorite in the warm summer days is the refreshing burrata with basil oil. As a bonus, there is delicious ice cream, and lovely cakes and tarts. They have a second location with just sweets a few steps from the apartment (Mestni trg 10).


Food scene

Pop’s place - besides excellent pizzas - also offers a great location at the waterfront of Ljubljanica river. Therefore often busy :) We almost always have to wait in line for a table, especially for the terrace in the summer months. The burger is pretty good too!

Pop's Pizza&Sport

Food scene

An outdoor pop-up food market, only here on warm, nice Fridays. Food heaven with rows and rows of vendors with diverse cuisine, from local to international dishes. Vegan and vegetarian stalls too, as well as wine stalls. Can get crowded. To see if it's happening, check their website 

Odprta kuhna (only Fridays!)

Food scene

Balkan cuisine is very popular in Slovenia. Most popular options would be “čevapčiči” (minced meat “fingers”), “pljeskavica” (minced meat patty) and “vješalica” (hanger steak). Most of these also come in an upgraded version containing cheese and/or bacon. Our go-to is čevapčiči with “lepinja” (a type of pitta bread) and as extras we order “kajmak” (creamy dairy thingy) and “ajvar” (roasted red pepper sauce). Overall this type of cuisine is not vegetarian-friendly. Another good option a bit further away is Das ist Walter (Borštnikov trg 3).

Sarajevo '84

Food scene

Big taco lover here! This place makes flavorful Mexican tacos and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Some unusual options too, including 2-3 vegetarian. 

Patrón Tacos

Food scene

This budget-friendly tiny place is popular with locals. A little tucked away but has great Thai food (with local veggies). It only has a few seats, so be willing to wait and/or share a table.


Food scene

This modern Slovenian fine-dining restaurant has the trifecta - great location (castle), great atmosphere and great food. During the day it has some great views, and the 7-course tasting menu is a hedonistic food experience that doesn’t disappoint. In 2022 it was awarded with a Michelin star. Reservation needed.


Fine dining

Somewhere between a nice place and fine dining with a great design and a varied menu choice. We love their Slovenian pasta “fuži” with truffles. A bit more international cuisine with plenty of local touches. Great for when you want a special atmosphere with your meal.


Fine dining

Excellent choice of Slovenian wines and modern cuisine tapas. The staff is knowledgeable about wine and is able to suggest food pairings if you’d like. Quite trendy, so reservation is usually needed.


Fine dining

"Aftr" is probably best described as casual fine dining with a tasty a-la-carte menu, where you'll have a hard time choosing something that's just ok. The chef used to run a 1-star Michelin restaurant in the same spot and swapped it out for this spot of innovative, delicious food.


Fine dining

Looking for an after-dinner cocktail? You won’t find food here, but you will find an intimate atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, with a small outside terrace in the warmer months. If you’re unsure of your order, just tell the staff your taste preferences, and they’ll be able to recommend the best match. They have things off the menu too.

Kolibri Cocktails

Fine dining

When you step into this nearby bakery, it smells like heaven. The bread is crusty on the outside, soft on the inside and often fresh from the oven. Go in the morning, as they will sell out. Cash only.

Osem bakery


"Pekarna Ana" is a sourdough & pastries heaven. Bread, cruffins, croissants and similar pastries are hiding here, but they often have a local flair. Yes, it's pricy - it's run by the three-Michelin star restaurant owner Ana Roš. 

Ana bakery



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Discover the heart of Ljubljana's dining scene with this exclusive guide from the team at Old Quarter Residence. We've handpicked our favorites, from hidden gems to acclaimed restaurants, each with its own unique appeal. Whether you're craving a casual brunch or a gourmet dinner, our insider recommendations are designed to offer an authentic taste of our city's diverse culinary offerings.

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Where to eat in Ljubljana?

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